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Provided by: Princeton Classic Homes SA

With so many trends in interior decorating, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what will work for your space. But even a small change can make a big difference, so finding a trend you love can impact the entire decorative vibe of your home. Here are 10 trends in interior décor that you will want to try right now!


Having an accent wall in a contrasting paint color to your regular walls is no longer on trend. Instead, opt for a wall with more personality. If you have artistic talent, paint yourself a beautiful mural featuring florals or geometric shapes. If a mural sounds like too big a job, you can get a similar effect with a striking wallpaper.


When it comes to dining, comfort is the buzz word. Forget your grandmother’s hard, straight-backed chairs. Bring some seating into your dining room that will make guests and family want to stay a little longer. Choose upholstered chairs with overstuffed seats or even bench seating that mimics a sofa. If you’re worried about cleaning, you find removable overlays as well.


A contemporary, sophisticated black bathroom is a great way to add on-trend style to your home. You can completely recreate the room by bringing in a black sink and toilet, or you can just use black tiles on a backsplash or on one wall. Concrete countertops and dull silver fixtures look great with this trend.


Memphis style décor involves bold geometric shapes, curved lines, and bright primary colors. Get the style by laying down oversized rugs with geometric patterns, painting furniture in dark colors and choosing accent pieces with curves.


Fancy fringe is the detail you want on any textiles in your home. A layer of fringe on blankets, pillows, window dressings, and even tablecloths will add a light-hearted touch of fun.


This is a Dutch word that means comfort and tranquility. It’s used as a lifestyle but also in decorating. Bring hygge into your home with lots of soft textures and soothing fabrics. Use candles to add a feeling of warmth and create spaces that look like the perfect retreat to get cozy with a good book.


Bring the rain forest into your home with potted tropical plants. The plants can be as small or large as you like. A smaller display will be eye-catching, and a tropical greenery reaching up to the ceiling creates undeniable drama. Set them up in a sunny spot and watch them grow. As a bonus, plants help clean the air in your home to make breathing easier.


Your bedroom should be a comfortable place with furnishings that make you feel great. Treat yourself to an old-fashioned four-poster bed, and you’ll never want to get out of it. The style is typically substantial wood, but you can find four-poster beds made of wrought iron and even plastic.


Sleek, curvy furniture of the 1960s is back in modern homes. Choose a chair or a sofa with a back that stretches out into an arc, or buy a table with some funky curves on top. You can also pick up this theme with decorative swirls on table legs or railings.


From copper to stainless steel to rose gold, all kinds of metals have seen highlights in decorating. Now the trend is to take all of those metals and mix them. You can pair copper sink fixtures with iron lighting, or you can use one piece with a variety of metals incorporated. Black metals are especially popular and look great with almost any other metal shade or type.

You don’t have to change everything about your home’s décor to update your space and show some trendy style. Choose a few of these decorating trends, and enjoy living with a modern expression of your own personality and tastes.

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