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5 Ideas to Repaint, Restore and Revive Your Home Decor

By July 10, 2019October 31st, 2019No Comments

By: CHELSEA CAPLAN | Movement Mortgage

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We all have those home décor pieces that we love – the ones with chips around the edges and scratches from years of use. Sometimes, though, your favorite home accents start looking a little too well-loved to keep using. Never fear, we have 5 suggestions for restoring items around your home without sacrificing their character and charm.

Item 1: Chairs

Instead of buying a new dining set (which is expensive and time-consuming), give your eating area a new look by repainting your chairs. This is a fun way to incorporate bold colors in your home.

Pro tip: You can also reupholster or add decorative cushions to your chairs. This will further liven up a breakfast nook, or a dining area.

Restore your home with chair home decor
Courtesy of Pinterest

Item 2: Cabinets

Repainting cabinets is an easy way to give your kitchen a makeover.

Simply take the cabinet door off its hinges to make your paint job less cumbersome. Then, you can paint inside your cabinets without accidentally hitting the freshly painted door. Be thoughtful when choosing the color of your cabinets, as this will anchor the room.

Restore your home with cabinet home decor
Courtesy of Pinterest

Item 3: Bookshelves

If you’re feeling really artsy, add some patterns to your bookshelves. This could be anything from polka dots to stripes. You can even use a light and clean color (like light blue or white), so your bookshelves look as good as new.

Restore your home with bookshelf home decor
Courtesy of Pinterest

Item 4: Front Door

First impressions are everything, so repainting your door really enhances your curb appeal.

One thing to consider is if your door is currently a darker color, you may want to repaint it with the same color. Otherwise, you’ll spend more money on paint because it takes extra gallons to cover up darker colors.

Restore your home with front door home decor
Courtesy of Pinterest

Item 5: Shutters

Shutters are always outside in the elements, so they experience wear and tear. Just use weatherproof paint to avoid painting your shutters annually.

Restore your home with shutters home decor
Courtesy of Pinterest

Ready to give your home a face lift by repainting your favorite pieces? Read this blog for tips on how to start your next paint job.

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