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Amber Thomas | Platinum Top 50

Amber Thomas | Platinum Top 50

Meet Amber Thomas – President of Platinum Top 50. A San Antonio native, she’s been married to her college sweetheart for 7 years. She has three children ages: 6, 5, and 3.

The home featured is listed by Miguel Herrera Luxury Group in the Dominion located in San Antonio, Texas. To learn more email 

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Tell us the history of PT50.

I bought the business in January of 2008 when I was 24 years-old from the previous owner. Now two years later we have expanded to Austin.

Platinum Top 50 - Amber ThomasExplain the goal and objective of PT50.

The goal as a professional network is to raise the profile of our realtor members. They are award winning not only in their sales production but in their leadership in the community and industry.

We also help to bring together real estate agents with affiliate businesses. From lenders, title companies, builders, developers we will bring them together throughout the year in numerous events for relationship building.

What opportunities do Real Estate professionals have in PT50?

Real estate professionals have the chance to receive recognition which means a lot to the consumer. As well as, through our program, they are able to network and meet other top producing agents. They get a chance to learn, engage, share and build relationships throughout the year.

Platinum Top 50 - Amber Thomas

What do you love most about the San Antonio and Austin real estate community?

I love most the people. It’s made of go-getters, fun people, big personalities. I wake up every day knowing I get to work alongside some amazing people.

How does the consumer benefit from PT50?

Platinum Top 50 - Amber ThomasAs a consumer, you can visit our website and search through our database. You can find agents based on neighborhoods that are of interest to you or years of experience. We have agents that represent all of the San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking in Boerne, you can search through our database and connect with the agent that most likely match up to you. You can read their profile, and connect with them for your real estate needs.

To connect with your Platinum Top 50 agent visit

The home featured is listed by Miguel Herrera Luxury Group in the Dominion located in San Antonio, Texas. To learn more email

Platinum Top 50 - Amber Thomas 

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