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Are you getting a good deal on your commercial lease?

By June 22, 2020August 24th, 2020No Comments

YOU SHOULD BE, otherwise, you may overpay tens of thousands of dollars!

Provided By: Bottom Line Realty Advisors, LLC

Smart people still sign bad leases.  Why?  They’re NOT experts in negotiating leases.

Landlords have professional representation and they are really good at getting what they want!  This creates an unbalanced and unfair situation. 

At Bottom Line Realty Advisors, we level this playing field. As the oldest tenant advisory company in San Antonio, we use our experience to help you get the best possible price and terms.  Why us?  We NEVER represent landlords but stay focused on your objectives.

Our proven process helps us craft a strategy that will have landlords competing for your business, this is critical to get you more concessions, reduce construction costs or even lowering the rent the landlord wants you to pay for the space you prefer.   Whether you renew a lease or want a new space, you see the improvement to your bottom line.

And the best part? Our services don’t cost you a dime!  REALLY.

Ideally, contact us 6-12 months before your lease expires and get the leverage you need BEFORE signing another lease.  Schedule a meeting or phone call and find out how we can help your Bottom Line! CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting! 

They take their duty to their clients seriously; it’s why we’ve referred them to other law firms, always with good feedback” Jason Jakob, Diaz-Jakob, Attorneys at Law, LLC


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