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Designing a Woman’s Retreat in Your Home

By December 10, 2019No Comments

With such hectic lives, women all need someplace peaceful to go to re-energize or merely gather with friends. Men typically have their man cave, but the woman of the house should have a retreat as well. You can design a woman’s retreat by using a spare bedroom or by having an addition built onto your residence. Either way that you decide to go, you should incorporate several essential items into your space.


The more light that filters into your room, the more uplifted and cheery you’ll feel. If you’re planning on a room addition, you should include two to three windows in your design. For an existing room that feels too dark, consider getting an additional window installed.


If possible, along with your addition, opt to include a powder room. If you want to use an existing room, check into whether you can get a small bathroom added to your space. With a powder room in your retreat, you and any visiting friends will have a private area to use right there in the area. Also, an additional bathroom will add more value to your home.


You’ll want a lovely sofa and a couple of comfortable chairs with ottomans. This set-up will allow you to relax in comfort. You can enjoy a movie night either alone or with friends. You can even host a book club gathering.


A place to sit that has a hard surface to work on is a must-have in a retreat. With such an area, you can do paperwork with ease. You can make out lists or holiday cards. You can also engage in crafts, hold a coupon party, or put together a jigsaw puzzle in the solitude of your retreat.

Everyone needs a private retreat from time to time. Setting aside a particular area in your home as a personal sanctuary will help you to reduce your stress, and that will make you a happier person.

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