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Industry Leader Miguel Herrera is taking the real estate industry and turning it on its head

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My name is Miguel Herrera and I’m the Vice President of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury of South Texas.

I started Real Estate in San Antonio in 2009, it was after the crash. I used to live in Los Angeles, I used to run a travel corporation for over 18 years. Of course, after 9/11 the whole travel agency shifted, therefore so I looked for something else growing.

San Antonio came to the top of my list so I decided to move to San Antonio. What intrigued me the most was there was a lot of international people coming to San Antonio. I didn’t know that was because that was something different from Los Angeles, where I am from.

I started doing real estate, it was hard to do. There was a lot of inventory, a lot of realtors and not a lot of sales. So I had to think outside the box, and I wanted to do something different. Knowing that there is an international desire in San Antonio, I decided to go to Mexico and do seminars. I started just to do something different, I put a group of professions together, and helped businesses to invest in The United States. I would do the real estate part of networking with these professionals. That was something innovative back then, it wasn’t accepted very well in the industry because Mexico was going through difficult times back then. But there were a lot of Mexicans who were very successful in Mexico, but they did not know how to do business in the United States.

Little to know that it would be the key to the success in my business, because not only did we sell homes to those business owners, but to the managers, the supervisors, the employees, friends, everybody around them. That developed my real estate business.

In addition to that, now that the market is getting better, and there’s a lot of investment, a lot of those Mexican International clients are investing in this city, so my production got even better.

Miguel Herrera | The Ellie Report

I am proud to say that a lot of owners of restaurants, shopping centers, businesses being developed in San Antonio, had to do with those seminars I did in Mexico.

My sales have increased tremendously, now I have grown to the luxury level. I call it luxury at all levels, sales at every price point. Now I’m helping from 100,000 home, up to 4 million dollar home to the 6 million dollar home was sitting in right now.

The Miguel Herrera Luxury Lifestyle is a development of everything I’ve done over the years in real estate. We sell luxury at every price point. We have developed a system of marketing, a strategy, that has been helping every sale. We don’t just sell homes, we sell style. We want them to buy a property that fits our clients because we want a relationship for life. We want to sell them their home 5-7 years from now because they have grown out of their property. Our goal is to sell a lifestyle. With international clients, San Antonio is a vacation place, therefore for them a $300,00 – $400,000 home is a lifestyle. For them, it is a vacation home. Therefore, we sell homes at every price point, luxury at every price point.

Currently, we have 14 agents on our team. I cover the whole city of San Antonio, and the reason we do this is to develop a teamwork system. We can cover any area of San Antonio, we specialize on the Northside specifically. We specialize in the Dominion and other high-end communities. Our system is very complete and we are very united: therefore we help each other on every deal.

We do work with high-end custom builders. We help them sell, we are proud to say our team has been picked to help sell their properties and be their partners. We specialize in helping homebuyers through the whole process of buying or building the home. It is very important that they know it is important to have a realtor to help them through the process. They need to know where to build it, who qualifies to build that home, the architect, the designer if that house is going to become resellable. Don’t forget in 5, 7, or 10 years you might be upgrading or downsizing, therefore you need to buy right so you can sell right.

San Antonio is the fastest growing city in the United States as we speak right now. A lot of companies are moving to our area. The corridor with Austin is getting closer and closer so we are a place that everyone wants to be. In addition to that, there’s international investment with San Antonio being so close to Mexico and major cities on the other side of the border. Therefore San a\Antonio is very attractive with pricing and custom living, very inexpensive price compared to all the major cities in the United States.

Miguel Herrera | The Ellie Report

Miguel Herrera | The Ellie Report

When searching for a realtor, they should be looking for experience, knowledge, it’s very important to hire the right person. The number one mistake is hiring a friend or cousin or someone they know. They have to look for the best of the best in the area they’re looking for. Buying right would be the perfect selling later on. It is important to find that experience and knowledge in that area. It has to be someone that knows your area, that has proven sales in that area. It is very important because if you buy wrong, that is going to haunt you when you try to sell.

My clients will tell you that I’m humble, very knowledgeable, very honest that I will actually help them find the right house. I want them to buy a house that fits what they’re looking for, a house not that isn’t just a lovely home but an investment for the future.

For our trusted brand to settle in SA for everyone to know who we are, and to know they will be taken care of in a long term relation. Every single agent will develop their relationships.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, we would love to assist you and help you in finding your dream home.

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