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Jade Florez-The Sisterhood of Real Estate

By August 6, 2020November 9th, 2022No Comments

Jade Florez is the owner of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Association. The organization is dedicated to educating and empowering women within the real estate community.

Florez has three beautiful daughters and proudly talks a bit about each one of them. “My eight-year-old is Haven and she is incredibly smart. She is truly the intellect,” says Florez. “My six-year-old daughter, Knoxli Belle loves being active, and she is really talented in gymnastics. And then there is my youngest daughter. She is four years old. Ella Rose is her own person and she loves being funny and loves to goof off.”



It’s obvious that Florez adores her three daughters and in turn, the love and respect is mutual. The family dynamics are filled with fun, adventure, entrepreneurship, success, learning, and a whole lot of love.

Florez details how she manages to juggle family and work. “I include the girls in a lot of what we do. While it’s hard, I think that any type of business that you are building has its ups and downs. And no matter what, the girls are a huge part of our company, our business, and our growth.”



Her three daughters venture out and flip properties with Florez regularly and on the weekends if they have to check anything out at the properties the whole family goes together. “Whether we have to pick up materials and drop it off at the contractors or any of the other details, they get to watch the process all the way through and I think that is important for their growth as well. This literally shows them how to understand how the process works.”

Inclusion is key and is a part of Florez’s success as a mother as well as the owner of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Association. “Our goal for WREIA, is to be able to help women throughout San Antonio. Eventually, we would like to expand statewide.”



Florez continues, “Right now, we are doing a lot of work virtually and for people in other states but eventually we would like to have boots on the ground in every state so that women across the United States are able to get into real estate and have hands-on training as well.”

She emphasizes that the future of real estate is bright. “The market is so incredibly hot in San Antonio.”

Florez explains that for her, real estate was something that changed her life. She believes that if other women are educated enough to understand how to get started in the field, it’s not only something that can make them profitable now but something that can secure your family’s future. “It makes you look at the years ahead and enables you to envision a retirement one day while you can still spend more time with your children and your family.”