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Meritage Homes Offers Pure Wellness Products to Improve Air Quality in People’s Home

By May 4, 2019November 11th, 2019No Comments

In order to be a successful homebuilder, CR Herro, vice president of innovation for Meritage Homes, knows they have to pay close attention to what their customers want and be able to deliver.

“One thing they tell us is they want a home built by a homebuilder who is watching out for their best interest, especially when it comes to the health of their family,” Herro said, “so we look at improving indoor air quality and the water people drink as a responsibility of a better builder.”


Thanks to technology and innovation, Meritage Homes provides homeowners a Super V whole house air cleaner system which monitors indoor air quality contaminants, such as carbon dioxide, particulates and VOCs, and allows them to control it.

“For instance, if my carbon dioxide comes up, I can increase the pressure of the ventilation, or if my particulates come up, I can turn on my Super V and drop my particulate level down,” Herro said. “So now not only does it give me the reassurance that my house is healthy, I can do something about it if my family’s activities drive up particulates or other negative indices into my house.”

As a “building scientist,” Herro is aware of contaminants in water and air, especially in his own home, which is why he uses the Super V system.

“I designed a really good house, and it’s well sealed and it has a good MERV filter, but then I saw the Super V and what really impressed me is after we installed it my standing particulate from an air quality monitor is 700. We turned it on and within 20 minutes, it dropped down to 50. In about an hour, it dropped to zero.”

“I have never seen anything like the Super V address a massive suspended particulate which causes asthma or allergies,” he added. “This product can really improve people’s lives by pulling particulates or pollen out of the ambient air so that they feel better.”

“I look at Pure Wellness as a really good system to not just drop the particulate concentration in my home, but also being able to see that the ventilation and filtration can control the VOCs, carbon dioxide and particulate matters to give me and my family a better indoor air quality which leads to better health.”

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