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By May 30, 2019November 8th, 2019No Comments

With nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and working with hundreds of clients, Melissa Muse Wiggans, broker and owner of Real Estate Muses, knows that buying and selling a home can be daunting for anyone, whether a first-time homebuyer or previous seller and even someone looking to rent.

“The real estate process is kind of an unknown, uncharted period of time for most buyers and sellers,” Wiggans said. “It’s something they don’t do on a regular basis, so we add value by being able to recommend vendors and resources and helping facilitate things that make moving in general less stressful and a much more pleasant experience.”

Andrea Gimblet, a realtor with Real Estate Muses, said that the homebuying process can take anywhere from two to 45 days although in an ideal situation it can take 30 days if conventional financing is involved, so it’s typical for the real estate company to work with clients in a virtual realm.

Gimblet films and tours homes that are for sale and then posts those videos online, such as YouTube, for interested homebuyers or renters to view, especially if they live outside of San Antonio or in another part of the country.

“One of the most important things for me as I film the home to create a virtual tour of the home is to explain all the senses of the home, what it smells like, feels like and sounds like,” Gimblet said. “All these things are so important for the person who is buying the home, especially if they won’t see it until after they’ve purchased it.”

Realtor Michele Hendrix, meanwhile, wants people to know that San Antonio is the ideal place to live. “We’re a big city although we have a small-town feel,” she said. “From Southtown to the North Side of San Antonio in Stone Oak, there is something for everyone. You’ll find food, entertainment, and celebrations, which you will have to experience for yourself. You’ll love our city.”

For those who are buying or selling their home and are interested in receiving concierge-style services, Real Estate Muses would love to work with you. For more information, visit or call (210) 332-0310 or at

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