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The Dawson Lending Team

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The Dawson Lending Team

Leading change in the mortgage industry.

Check out our exclusive interview with Brad Dawson from Movement Mortgage! Learn more about their services by watching the video or reading below.

My name is Brad Dawson, I’m a branch manager and license mortgage loan originator. My partner, Megan Whitmore, and I make up the Dawson Lending Team at Movement Mortgage in San Antonio, Texas.

The Dawson Lending Team | Ellie Report

Where are you from originally?

Brad: I grew up in Alice, Texas, it’s a small town in South Texas, about 120 miles southeast of San Antonio.

What is the biggest career challenge you’ve had to face?

Brad: When I got my mortgage license in January 2012, previous to that all of my positions had been salary type positions with bonus structures and sales goals. I always did well at excelling with those goals but making that leap from a salary position to 100 percent commission was difficult. Anyone who’s done that can attest to that.


What differentiates your lending team from the rest?

Brad: There are a lot of reasons Movement Mortgage is different from our competition, whether you’re a home buyer or real estate agent looking for a mortgage company partner with, or a loan officer looking for change in your career to better your business. Our mission statement at Movement Mortgage is, we exist to love and value people by creating a Movement of Change in our Industries, Corporate Cultures and Communities.

The Dawson Lending Team | Ellie Report

How do you go above and beyond to help your clients?

Brad: The first pillar of our mission statement is we want to be a movement of change in our industries, and that starts in our own industry, the mortgage industry. We have revamped the mortgage process and flipped it around. Typically, a loan would be processed for two to three weeks and then a licensed underwriter would actually look at the file. We have reversed that, so the very first thing that happens before a client even gets in a realtor’s car to look at homes, we get the file completely underwritten at that point. The second piece of that is once it comes out of underwriting we have a goal to have that loan completely processed within seven business days.

The Dawson Lending Team | Ellie Report

The second pillar of our mission statement is we want to make a movement of change in corporate culture. We love and value our employees, so we want people to thrive professionally and personally. This goes to employees at all levels of the organization, all the way from the CEO Casey Crawford all the way down to the guy or gal that stocks the candy machines in our offices

The third pillar in our mission statement is we want to create a movement of change in the communities we serve. The movement foundation owns forty percent of our company, and it was created in 2012. Funded by profits generated by Movement Mortgage, the foundation comes along side others to reinvest in communities and empowers them to fulfill whatever God has equipped them to do.

What do you love most about the San Antonio real estate community and market?

The Dawson Lending Team | Ellie Report

Brad: I love working in the San Antonio real estate market. As you may know, it’s white hot right now, it’s a big-time seller’s market that’s out there. As a matter of fact, if there’s anything that I would change it would be that we could have more inventory out there. I have dozens of pre-approved borrowers that are looking for homes and they simply can’t find them because by the time they get around to placing an offer on ahome there are multiple other offers. And while our pre-approval process and quick closings help a lot of times to get those secured, at the end of the day you may have someone offering way more than what the house is values at, and that’s a problem.


How can someone contact you for your services?

Brad: If you’d like to know more about The Dawson Lending Team and Movement Mortgage, please reach out to us by phone or visiting our website. 

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