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Xsellence Realty-Bringing Family Values To The Real Estate Industry

Written By: Jody Marmel

Robert and Vanessa Saenz had their grand opening of Xsellence Realty in Helotes this past July. While it took longer to renovate than expected, the couple feels that the end product is exactly what they wanted. The office is chic, modern, up to date, and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting to both clients and realtors.

Xsellence Realty specializes in residential and commercial real estate, property management and investment properties. They also provide superior training to the realtors that join their team to ensure that everyone is a success.

Robert Saenz says, “Our mission is to build successful relationships with our clients and to be their source for anything Real Estate related. Xsellence Realty’s short term goals are to officially start up the commercial Real Estate division of our business. Looking ahead, our long term goals are to have our 15 proven Realtors start up their own teams and grow our company through them.”

Robert Saenz says, “We have been in real estate for 15 years and we know that we have to balance our work and home life. So we had to find a way to involve our kids.”

He continued, “We enjoy our children seeing us working and evolving and I think it’s something that they will see as a positive impact on their lives now and in the future. We have created this business and it’s something we enjoy and something that they enjoy watching us do.”

Vanessa emphasizes how the boys are such a big part of Xsellence Realty. “We try to keep them as involved as we can. Whether it be our company goals or it’s what we are currently doing, we just want to make sure that they are there with us.” Robert explains how he started the property management company.

“After seven years, we saw an increase in business and we were overwhelmed. So it only made sense to bring Vanessa on board and help keep everyone not only accountable but organized. That is the best decision I have made, and Vanessa has done so much and continues to do so.”

Vanessa says, “Training is not black and white. We really do try to make sure that every agent that comes into Xsellence Realty is going to be successful.” Robert adds that the Xsellence team currently has ten Realtors and their goal is to have a solid and top producing 15 by next year. “Our team has grown since the grand opening and we are on track for a record-breaking year in sales.” Xsellence Realty is making its mark in the real estate industry and as Robert said, it seems that the sky is the limit for their current and future success.

Both Robert and Vanessa Saenz are excited and grateful to be in the city of Helotes. Robert elaborates, “Our kids go to school here and we feel that this is somewhere that we want to grow. We want to be the ‘go-to’ source in town. Ultimately, Xsellence Realty is here to be the broker for commercial property management and residential property.”

While the team feels that they started off slowly, they are making up for that time now. “At some point, we will make our footprint and make the community fully aware that we are here for them.”

Robert explains, “Overall, we are not trying to compare ourselves with other brokerages and what they are doing but instead we are just trying to create a vibrant culture of regular folks who love helping people and who can’t live without being in this Real Estate industry.”

Vanessa reaches out to any realtor that is interested in joining a company that will really take them to the next level in their real estate career. “Please feel free to join Xsellence Realty and be a part of our team. We are all here for each other and our goals include each of our realtors being extremely successful as we all continue to grow together.”

For more information –
Call: (210) 277-0100
12415 Bandera Rd. #108, Helotes, Tx. 78023