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Dan Diepenhorst, Fueling The Mortgage Industry

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Watch or read to learn more about Dan Diepenhorst, the founder of Legacy Mutual Mortgage!

Dan Diepenhorst founded Legacy Mutual 15 years ago and now serves as the President/CEO. Watch or read to learn more about the impact Legacy Mutual Mortgage is making in the mortgage industry.

Legacy Mutual Mortgage is a residential mortgage lender that serves all throughout the major markets in Texas. They also now have offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Denver, Colorado.

The Ellie Report: How did you get started in the mortgage industry?

Dan: I don’t think anyone wakes up and plans on being in the mortgage industry. I have a finance degree,  but I ended up in this industry by accident. My largest client became my employer. I went to work for Gordon Hartman Homes. He is now a philanthropist, but at the time when he was building homes, I financed all the homes he built for about 7 years.

When I left I had a passion to do my own thing. So, in 2003 we opened Legacy Mutual Mortgage.

Dan Diepenhorst | Legacy Mutual MortgageThe Ellie Report: Why are you passionate about what you do?

Dan: I think one of the biggest reasons I was passionate to open this company is the level of customer service for people getting home loans was lacking. It’s a very personal experience and stressful to buy a home. I knew there was a better way to do it with a higher level of customer service.

The Ellie Report: Is there a client success story that stands out to you?

Dan: The most rewarding story for me was being able to help a single mom acquire a home after the divorce after they were beaten down and maybe didn’t believe they were going to be able to do that. That came from being raised by a single mom. I was very passionate to help people coming out of the other side of a divorce to be able to have a home for them and their children.

There are multiple stories like that where I’ve gotten personally involved to help them with homeownership.

Dan Diepenhorst | Legacy Mutual Mortgage

The Ellie Report: What makes Legacy Mutual unique?

Dan: To me I was always envisioned it being a small company where we would help people in San Antonio. For the first seven or eight years that’s what we did. We saw a need for that level of customer service to be brought to other markets. So, I think the difference is having the trusted advisor and having the advocate on your side to help you get the loan done is different than going to Quicken and getting the loan done.

The Ellie Report: How is the online business changing the industry?

Dan Diepenhorst | Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Dan: The online business serves people, but things in Texas… it’s a scary piece of credit to obtain. A lot of people are not familiar with credit, and how the process works. Now we are in a tighter environment with less homes available it’s really important that they are pre-approved with a local lender that helps them get that loan that they are putting an offer on.

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