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John Lopez: Earning Your Partnership Through Respect

For the average person, buying a home, whether it’s their first or second, or even third, will be the most expensive thing they buy over the course of their lives. Buying a home is a major life event and the process should be reflective of such. However, that is not always the case. John Lopez understands that and is using his experience as a real estate agent to change mortgage banking for the better.

There is a stigma associated with bankers and lenders, and it’s not very flattering. It doesn’t help that lenders do little to quell the stigma that’s been created. They allow the cold calculating emotional stereotype to exist as if there were nothing they could do to change it. This stigma hurts their industry and keeps people from wanting to buy homes. Why deal with the hassle? Why deal with someone who treats you like a number and not a person? This is the stigma he is working to end because, for him, it’s personal.

John got his start in the real estate industry as an agent. Showing and selling homes, he was making the dreams of homeownership true for many people. His mother, who happened to be buying a home with John as her realtor, began having issues with her loan officer. The experience with that particular lender left a bad taste in John’s mouth. How could he ask people to spend so much money and allow them to have a bad experience? Luckily for John, it was his mother and she stayed the course with him. However, John still saw the need for change in the industry.

We’re told to be the change we want to see in the world. That saying stopped being a  poster on the wall and became a duty for John. He was going to change this industry. The John Lopez Mortgage Team was going to treat people well. “On-time, as agreed,” a motto that John and his team really believe sets the standard for how they do business.  

Armed with his experience in the real estate industry, transitioning to the lending side was almost seamless. His time as a realtor gave him a unique perspective on what concerns both the customer and the agent they were working with had. One bad experience turned into a new career and a continuation of his endeavor to get people into homes they love. 

In the very early days of John’s career, they were to help one person a month have a great experience in buying a home. Since then, the office has grown and so has their business, now helping anywhere between twenty to thirty families a month. Twenty to thirty families who’ve been able to achieve the dream of homeownership. Twenty to thirty families who’ve experienced a better way forward in working with the John Lopez Mortgage team. Twenty to thirty families that now recognize the standard of care they should be receiving when going through the home buying process. 

Not only does this new way of doing business benefit the consumer, but it also benefits the real estate agent. It’s not that hard to put yourself in the shoes of a real estate agent who knows the lender is going to be a burden on the deal. As a real estate agent, your reputation is on the line every time you work a deal. If anything goes wrong, from the home to the lender, your reputation could suffer, decreasing referrals and future business. It’s quite clear that those are not the circumstances anyone wants to work under. Bad experiences have a way of dogpiling on top of themselves and then spiraling out of control. This is not something anyone wants, but it happens. John and his team believe this is avoidable. They believe in doing business in a way that bolsters everyone’s reputation, not diminishes it. 

The bottom line is this. If you’re looking for a lender who values your reputation as much as they value theirs, check out the John Lopez Mortgage Team. 

john lopez posed leaning against fence