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Dream Outdoor Services

Check out our exclusive interview with Dream Outdoor Services! We highlight owners, Eric Castillo and Valerie Talamantes.

Learn more about their services by watching the video or reading below.

What services does Dream Outdoor Services provide?

Dream Outdoor Services - The Ellie ReportValerie: The services Dream Outdoor Services provides are, tree trimming, tree removal, diseases, landscaping, sod installation, power washing, and anything outdoors.

Eric: We have never been shy of hard work and take pride in what we put our name on. Trees and shrubs are amazing things. They provide shelter and shade, offer privacy to homeowners, create clean air – they literally change the atmosphere. They’re one of nature’s most vital resources, and healthy trees can even improve the value of your property. For all these reasons, it’s worth investing in us to bring health and longevity to your property’s tree life.

Tell us the process when working with Dream Outdoor Services.

Eric: If you’re a new client or customer we will give a free estimate by doing an assessment on your trees. We will turn it into a proposal and get the job done for you!

Tree care is an art. Pruning is the cornerstone of tree care. To many it may seem simple: identify the branch to remove, pick up saw and cut. But it’s much more involved. There is a science to why we prune, and art to how we do it.

Dream Outdoor Services - The Ellie Report

Valerie: We make our customer’s tree needs a reality. Our experienced team will check the trees thoroughly and suggest which ones should be trimmed or removed. We use advanced equipment and tools for all our jobs.

What makes your company unique from other tree trimming services?

Dream Outdoor Services - The Ellie ReportEric: How involved we are with the company. We use our company as a platform to give back as well.

Valerie: Eric has a passion for helping those in need and works to help people get back on their feet, quite literally. He is the founder of San Antonio-based nonprofit, A Walk In My Shoes, whose sole mission is to help those in need of shoes “get back on their feet.” They have now collected and donated over 17,000 pairs of shoes in the San Antonio community. The goal is to continue to expand and grow this organization in order to keep on helping those in need and spread the importance of shoes, health, and fitness to the community.

If you need tree services contact, Dream Outdoor Services for more information. No job is too small…no tree is too tall!


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