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Find Your Perfect Property with Michael Lugo and the Lugo Group

The Lugo Group

Looking for a customized real estate experience? Look no further than Michael Lugo and the Lugo Group. Their team is dedicated to tailoring every journey to fit their client’s unique needs.

The Lugo Group is located at
7701 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

The Ellie Report recently covered the exceptional work of Michael Lugo and his team, The Lugo Group at San Antonio Portfolio-Keller Williams, specializing in helping clients find their dream homes in and around San Antonio. With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Lugo knows that his exceptional talent lies in finding the right home for his clients. 

Starting his career in new home sales, Lugo quickly made a name for himself in the industry by working for some of the top real estate companies before establishing The Lugo Group. Today, he serves as the President of The Lugo Group at San Antonio Portfolio Real Estate, where he leads a team of professionals who share his passion for helping families find their perfect home. 

In an interview with The Ellie Report, Lugo said he loves meeting people from all walks of life and working with them to find the right home. “Buying a house is the biggest financial decision that anyone can make in their lifetime”, he said, “which is why helping them throughout the process is a beautiful thing.” 

At The Lugo Group, they believe in assisting clients who are ready to purchase, rent, or even sell their homes. Furthermore, they do not only focus on one price point, Lugo insists. They help everyone, from those seeking a $25,000 home to those with a budget that puts them seeking a million-dollar-plus home. The Lugo Group boasts a team of professionals dedicated to serving their clients on a professional and personalized level. Clients can easily contact them to learn more about their services and receive a game plan to achieve their objectives in the near future.

At The Lugo Group, their primary objective is to ensure that clients find a home that they will cherish and love for many years to come. They’re motivated by helping families to achieve their dreams and to make San Antonio a little more like home. Michael Lugo, the owner of the Lugo Group and a real estate agent with Keller Williams Portfolio is the go-to expert if you are searching for your ideal investment, which could be a farm, ranch, or luxury property in Texas. With over ten years of experience in the real estate industry, Michael has worked with clients in San Antonio, Horseshoe Bay, New Braunfels, Austin, and Corpus Christi. His particular passion lies in selling properties that incorporate acreage, ranches, wildlife exemptions, and ag exemptions. Michael’s extensive knowledge of tax implications and county regulations means you can rest assured that your property purchase is the best deal possible. 

Michael’s understanding of the importance of realizing your dream means he is not only dedicated to the practicalities of purchasing property but also understands the joy that comes with owning a piece of land and building a business from the ground up. Whether you are looking for an unrestricted property or you are in need of a workshop, Michael will go above and beyond to match your requirements to the right property. 

Why put your dream on hold? Don’t hesitate to contact Michael Lugo and the Lugo Group today to start your journey towards owning your own dream property.