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Live Oak Investors: Experience Financial Planning Like You’ve Always Dreamed Of

by: Courtney Marbach

Jason Zamora, President of Live Oak Investors, and his team strive to create a custom-tailored journey for each client – ensuring every individual is truly supported in their investments. His mission is to cultivate one-on-one relationships, which sets him apart from other financial firms today.

“My name is Jason Zamora, president and CEO of Live Oak Investors, and we are a private wealth management group here in Boerne, Texas. When I first started this practice in 2005, I knew one of the main questions was going to be Why Live Oak investors? Why not a larger firm? What I realized really quickly was people do business with the person.

The most important decision, one of my clients can make if they’re thinking about coming to Live Oak, is who they want to work with.

And anyone, in my opinion, that’s going to find someone in this business needs to work with someone that they know they like and they trust. Period.

We aren’t the size of most firms that potentially could lose track of who their clients are and what their names are and where they live and what’s important to them.

Predominantly, we do a lot of retirement planning. We help a lot of clients prepare for retirement We assist a lot of clients that are living in retirement. But there’s a big portion of retirement that requires moving money from one generation to the next so I’m really proud to say we’re a multigenerational office. The best thing about being an independent, fiduciary, independent advisor, whichever you want to call us, is the fact that we’re never forced to provide proprietary plans.

And I think the beauty here is that they’re very customized. Ultimately, our clients value this one-on-one relationship we give. So whether it’s an individual or a business, they’re really going to understand that we have a well-rounded idea of what they’re trying to accomplish. The one thing that we’re very adamant about is making sure that our clients have a valued experience and experience like they always dreamed of in regards to planning.

I can say with a lot of confidence that when my clients come on board and work with Live Oak, they’re very comfortable with Sylvia’s tenure, her background, and her personal touches. She adds to every single conversation. This is my passion and this is what I do. So I would say they come here for the personal touch, the individual attention, and the ability to communicate with their advisor.”

If you’re looking for more information in regards to financial planning and retirement, give Live Oak Investors a call today at (830) 331-1113.