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South Texas Solar Systems Inc. | Make Your Home Greener – And Save Cash Too

By February 5, 2019October 28th, 2019No Comments

Provided by: South Texas Solar Systems Inc.

There are so many ways in which people are being urged to take care of the environment, it can be difficult for the concerned consumer to know where to begin making a worthwhile difference. However, one of the biggest contributions the average person can make is to pay close attention to the energy footprint of their home and their wallet.

Here are three ways to reduce it dramatically, benefiting both the environment and your bank balance.

Installing Insulation

Heat rises, and on average, 30 percent to 50 percent of the heat generated within your home will be lost through the roof if nothing is done. A single-inch depth of attic insulation can cost up to $2 per square foot, but compare this expense to a long-term 30-percent reduction in heating costs, and it makes financial as well as environmental sense.

Similarly, installing cavity wall insulation and double glazing where possible can have a substantial upfront cost, but will usually repay the expense within just a few years.

Heating System Efficiency

If your heating system isn’t running smoothly, a lot of energy can be wasted. Newer systems will usually be much more efficient than older ones, and the cost of upgrading can often be recouped within a relatively short time. However, even older heating systems can be made more efficient by ensuring their properly serviced on a regular basis. Also, adding insulation to exposed pipework can greatly lessen heat loss within your system, thereby lowering energy usage and heating bills.

Solar Generation

To truly establish your green credentials while saving money, reducing energy usage is only half of the story. The next logical step is to generate any least some of your own energy, and there are many ways of doing this. Installing solar panels is the most common, and the expense involved has plummeted over the last few years. The ROI for solar is typically between 5-8 years.

Other less widespread ways of generating electricity include miniature wind turbines that are placed in your yard or fitted to your roof, or even micro hydro power if you have a suitable source of running water on you property. Although those options do work, the most affective is solar.

Whichever method of generation you choose, ongoing improvements in technology mean more energy is produced for the same cost of installation, and although more expensive, better batteries mean storage is more effective for when conditions cause a lull in generation. Also, if you create more energy than you use, you can sell it back to the grid and put yourself into profit.

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