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San Antonio Real Estate Power Couple

By December 30, 2019January 2nd, 2020No Comments
San Antonio Realtors

Making Homeownership Simple and Rewarding

This real estate power couple is a growing, innovative, and is reshaping the process for homeownership through The Frontline Team. Born and raised in San Antonio, Kelly Gonzalez and Zack Martinez transfer their positive teamwork to the buyers, sellers, and investors so that everyone is a winner. Kelly says one goal that they have set for 2020 is, “to double our business and help 160 families.”

Zack, explains, “I got into the real estate business because previously, I was working for a new home builder and it was in the same field. Now, I am just moving into general real estate where I can help beyond the builder that I worked for.”

Kelly has an immense passion for real estate and helping her clients purchase the home of their dreams. She elaborates, “Prior to working in real estate, I was involved in insurance for new home sales. I spoke with buyers who were purchasing homes every day, so it was very familiar to me.” She continues, “However, I knew there was something bigger for me. I knew I had a passion to help others; being able to help someone with the purchase of a home was something so huge, that I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

San Antonio Realtors

Zack emphasizes that he and his partner, Kelly, help in every aspect of real estate. “Whether it’s going to be helping the client find the best financing terms with lenders or it’s going to be a part of the end process, we are there every step of the way. We help suggest the right utilities, security, water softeners, solar panels, and more. Whatever we do, we are helping our clients across the board in all areas.”

While the power couple does not say that their clients have to use a specific mortgage company, Kelly states, “We do encourage our clients to get a second opinion if they already have a mortgage company. We do work with the best in the business-Aligned Mortgage. This is who we refer all of our clients to who are opened to getting a second opinion or open to getting some options from a lender.”

The duo says, “We believe our company is in its infancy. We just formed the team. Looking ahead, we will expand and get some more agents on the team, grow the business, and this will enable us to help even more families.”

San Antonio Realtors

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