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2020 Star Awards Awarded to CKC Custom Homes

CKC Custom Homes

San Antonio, TX-The Texas Association of Builders (TAB) announced the 2020 Star Awards winners on July 23. This year marked the first time in program history that the presentation of awards was revealed virtually via Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Star Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in all areas of the homebuilding industry. With a record of 614 entries this year, CKC Custom Homes in San Antonio were presented with two of the Star Awards in different categories.

CKC Custom Homes won the Star Award for the following custom home categories:

Best Showroom/Sales Center

Best Direct Mail Piece

She said, “Specializing in affordable luxury home interiors and meeting all of the budget needs is the goal we set for all of our San Antonio customers.”

“We ask you what your goals are and what your financial budget is and then we want to know what your dreams are and what your dream home looks like to you. It is our job to mesh all of these factors together and we do a great job of that.” CKC Custom Homes aim to please each client and is committed from start to finish in making your dream home become your reality.

As a result of making your dream home into a reality, CKC Custom Homes has been awarded with two Star Awards and with their track record, more awards are awaiting them in the future.

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